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Why Choose Us?

Our mission is to raise the self-esteem of your child and have a fantastic trip to the dentist every time!

  1. On-Time Practice
    We value your time! You will be seated within 4 minutes of your appointment time or we will give you free movie tickets! Wouldn’t be great if all your visits to offices could come with that gurantee!
  2. No needles, No pain, No drills
    We are an elite group of 3% of all dentists able to offer you laser dentistry which means your child no longer needs to get a needle for most fillings. It doesn’t hurt!
  3. Digital X-Rays
    Technology now allows us to have your xrays immediately processed saving you time. Also, much less radiation is able to be used for each digital xray. We only take xrays when necessary and base it on your child’s needs instead of routinely taking them.
  4. Prevention- No Cavity Club
    We have a unique and phenomenal prevention program. Did you know that 90% of cavities can be prevented? Click here to  Find out how your child can enroll in our prevention program.
  5. Self-Esteem
    We focus on your child's self-esteem and do our best to make sure your child has a great experience. We also have a reward system that contains grand prizes that kids really look forward to winning. We have featured Digital Cameras, MP3 players and other great toys! We provide a playroom with video games, a playhouse, and assorted toys for your child's entertainment. Refreshments and massaging chairs are also available to enhance your waiting room experience.  Our mission is for every child to be excited about their next visit to the dentist